Chakra man1
An energy system
Some attributes
First Apart of energy system
Second Important
Third May make you energetic when opened
Other attributes

What is a chakra/energy systemEdit

a chakra is an orb that's in your body. 15 in total. 7 major. A chakra is mainly apart of your energy system. Your energy system works like the ones in naruto except if you block energy points you can still use chi but your stoping the flow of energy in your energy system. Each chakra represents something different. If you do something to the chakras they also might effect you physically. Ex. Someone once hit my throat chakra and i felt it physically (yes this is a true story.) That is why it's good to protect your chakras. Some people say you should become one with your element. To trueky become one with an element, one must open all there chakras starting from root, to crown, then flow that elements energy throughout there chakras, which allows it to go through there energy system. Then that ability/ element becomes one of your natural elements. (Note: the ability may not get better but the connection gets stronger.) The energy system is something you should take care of. If damaged your energy can start leaking,etc.

​How to open a chakra.Edit

First you should start by meditating on the chakras. Focus on the root. Visualize the root chakra spinning counter clock wise, a red flower blooming until it's all the way bloomed. Then move onto the sacrum. Then solar plexus, all the way to the crown chakra. You should feel the chakras once they're opened. Just keep focusing on them for abit. You should also feel very energized. Then do the opposite from crown to root to close them.

Chakras locations.Edit

Red - root chakra - middke of pelvis

Orange - sacrum chakra - in front of dan tien

Yellow - solar plexus - middle of upper body

Green - heart chakra - middle of chest

Blue - throat chakra - obvious location

Indigo - third eye chakra - behind forehead

Violet (some say white) - crown chakra - under scalp.