Chi/Psi manipulation
A ki ball.
Some attributes
First The ability to manipulate ki/psi with will alone
Second Popular
Third One of the things every psionic knows how to manipulate.
Other attributes

Chi and psi are both basically your inner energy's. they are recommended if you want to learn most psionic abilities. for this i am just going to give you some techniques since they are required to perform most abilities. most people use these energies when they're sparring.


Energy SphereEdit

for psi visualize a purple energy ball where your brain is. psi is energy in your brain in a way. now vizualize the purple energy going town your chest and to your arms.  make sure before this your arms are in a form as if you are about to pray. but with space in between. vizualize the energy forming a sphere (hollow) and energy just making the "sphere shell" covered. now fill up the energy sphere with energy. make it denser and harder. try to close your hands now. with not to much force. if  done correctly it should feel harder to close your hands.

for chi visualize any color sphere in your navel ( 2-3 inches under belly button [ in  math this would be Y] and in the middle of your stomach [in math this would be X i believe] and vizualize the energy going up your spine and splitting up at your chest. going down your arms and forming the sphere. do the next few steps as if you were doing a psi sphere ( starting fron make sure before all this your arms are in a praying position with space in between [however much space is optional]) 


ok. while making a chi/psi sphere just focus on what you want  energy to do (burn something).( not just psi/ chi ,ANY energy) and visualize your thoughts in the energy.

Chi/Psi swordEdit

ok. put your hand in a position as if you were holding a sword. now make a hollow sword and program the hollow part to be sharp. now fill up the sword and program the inner sword part to be strong and hard. you should fill up the sword for longer than usual. You can make any psi/chi construct by doing the first few steps of the energy sphere. but vizualize whatever you want forming (hollow version) and fill it up and program it. you can make weapons, items, etc. and if you fill it up more and more, one day it'll be visiable. there are few ways of making a energy sphere visible.