Ice Manipulation
Icicles on a ceiling
Some attributes
First The ability to freeze liquids and move ice.
Second Uncommon
Third Connected to the elements water and air
Other attributes

This is the ability to manipulate ice and create it. One with this ability to a low level can freeze a cup of water and move ice cubes. One with this ability to a higher level can freeze a lake and control the ice from it. With this you can also unfreeze/thaw ice.




​Freeze waterEdit

This is the first exercise you should do when practicing cryokinesis. This is pretty hard but you'll get the hang of it. There are 2 ways to do this. Put your chi inside water or psi, or whatever energy fits you. Then program it to freeze while visualizing it freeze. Or visualize tiny vibrating gray dots. Visualize them slowing down and turning blue and getting closer to eachother. But millions of them. And then they freeze. You shouldn't keep your hand/finger in the water because your body heat may interfere. Also make sure the sunlight isn't touching the water, the sunlight can heat the water up while your trying to freeze it.

Move iceEdit

This is hard to learn because the ice may keep melting so you have to be quick. Basically all you have to do get a bowl with a flat center and put an ice cube in it. Try to sense the cold ice's energy. Put some of your energy in it and make ki threads (like in hydrokinesis) then try to make the ice your "puppet" and spin it around.if the ice spins before it melts congratulations. But if it does melt try to do the above exercise and freeze the water.