ice bending is the ability to control ice and the temperature of water. As you probably have guessed, this is a really cool skill to have. =P I myself used to be mainly a waterbender, but even after I changed to an earthbender, I still use icebending on a regular basis. Actually, there is a move on the waterbending page that is actually icebending. It is called Ice Shield. The concepts of icebending are pretty basic. All you have to do is visualize water filled with thousands of swirling grey dots, and then see all of the grey dots gradually starting to slow and change color to a dull, icy blue. At that point the water should get colder, and if you continue with this process, and keep slowing the dots until they are completely still, then it will eventually freeze the water. These are the basics that you need to remember for icebending.

Now on to the starter skill, Chill. This is called Chill because you are going to cool down water almost to the point of freezing temperature. All you will need for this skill is a small bowl and somewhere quiet where you can focus. It is fairly important to have a very small bowl, because then you don't have to deal with as much water. Okay, first fill the bowl with water at room temperature and set it on the floor in front of you. Now sit down and put part of your hand or maybe just a finger in the water and close your eyes. Now visualize those swirling dots we talked about before and do exactly as I told you about about the slowing dots. Keep doing this for as long as it takes for you to feel cold water on your finger/hand. If the water gets colder, then congratulations, you are officially an icebender! But just be careful to not do this too long, or you may freeze your fingers in the ice! I did it once and it really hurt after a while. Keep doing this until you can do this without focusing and with your eyes open. Now on to the harder moves.


Ice Petal: This is a truly wonderful skill. With this skill, you are actually going to be making an ice sculpture. Well, we are not quite at sculptures yet, but you are going to a make part of one. You are going to make a flower petal out of ice. All you need is a bowl of cold water and a quiet place to bend. It is easier to start with cold water because you are going to make ice. What you do is, remember all of the swirling dots? Well, picture the whole bowl filled with them, but cut out a portion of it and shape it like a flower petal. Now see the petal turn colder by slowing the dots down, but keep the rest of the bowl the same temperature. I know, this is VERY confusing, but just look at these words long and hard and hopefully you will understand it better. Truthfully, I am confusing myself just by typing these words. But anyway, see the petal growing colder and colder until the dots have completely halted and turned an icy white. Almost like thiscolor. Open your eyes and the petal should be frozen and floating in the water. If it is, then congratulations! This is a very confusing move and pretty hard to pull off correctly. You can also do other figures, too. Just visualize it in the shape you want

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